Alan Pierce

About Me

I’m a developer with a wide range of interests: CS theory, math, compilers, distributed systems, software engineering, Android, React, and lots of other things. I’m typically a “backend” person in one way or another, although I’ve also done a fair amount of UI work.

Previously, I was at Khan Academy, where I worked on the infrastructure team. Among other things, I worked on the A/B testing framework and the API, and helped build the first version of the Android app.

Before that, I worked at Palantir, where I worked on improving scale (migrating from Oracle to a distributed database) and avoiding downtime (reworking the Reindex operation to work with the system up).

I also had internships at Mozilla and VMware.

I graduated from CMU in 2011 with a double major in computer science and math. I’m particularly proud of my senior thesis, although I probably won’t ever travel that far into theory land ever again.

I also wrote

I’m also on GitHub and Twitter.